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Searches are NOT case sensitive. The following tips will help to refine your search:

Search for an exact word or phrase

Use quotation marks: "small SUV"

Exclude a word

Use a hyphen before a word to exclude all results containing that word: mustang race -horse

Include similar words

Use a tilde (~) in front of a word to search for that word and its synonyms: ~vehicle types includes results for "car types"

Include prefixes and suffixes

Use an asterisk or wildcard character (*) to find matches for words with a given prefix or suffix: veh* will return matches for the terms "vehicle," "vehicles," and "vehicular."

Search for either word

Use "OR" between words to show results that include just one of the words: cars OR wagons (enclose phrases in quotation marks to search for either one of several phrases)

Search for a number range

Use two periods (without spaces) to find results containing numbers in a range: Toyota Camry 1998..2007

News feed help

To subscribe to our news feed (news releases, crash test results updates, Status Report newsletter and special announcements), copy the URL below into your news reader:

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What are news feeds? News feeds are a free, easy way to receive news and content updates from your favorite websites. News feeds contain headlines, summaries, and links to full-length articles on the web.

What do I need to use news feeds? You will need a news reader (or aggregator) to display the news feeds from the websites you choose. Some news readers are web-based; others are small software programs downloaded onto your desktop. They enable you to view headlines from many websites in a single location.

Where can I download a news reader? A wide variety of news readers are available for download, many of which are free. Google and Yahoo maintain lists of news readers and links to download sites.

How do I subscribe to a feed? When you click on a news feed link, an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) document will open in your browser. To subscribe to the feed, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser and follow your news reader's directions for adding new subscriptions. Once you've subscribed, the news feed will display the headlines and alert you when new content is posted online.

Why should I use news feeds? News feeds allow you to see new information from the websites that interest you without having to visit each site to look for new content. News feeds can also free you from signing up for email news alerts that clog your email accounts or fall prey to spam blockers.


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